About Us

We are a team of EMS professionals who believe that learning ACLS Online can be accomplished fairly easily and will result in better retention of the material than if presented in class. Our material includes interative activities and demonstration/practice on people, versus solely manikins which is commonly done in the classroom.

Our goal is to increase learning retention, while at the same time saving the student time and money. Time is saved by not making mandatory supplemental material (although this will still be presented in some manner, it is not compulsory). Money is saved because we don't have to schedule training at your facility or home and there is no need to practice on manikins because manikins to not accurately reflect practice on patients. This educational program provides you with a foundation of knowledge which will help you to become a better practitioner.

We also understand that many people signing up for this course are refreshing the material and getting recertified. If this is the case, your base of knowledge and retention should be increased by taking ACLS Online. We strive to provide both the best possible educational training material and customer service. If you feel that we can improve this process in any way, please let us know. We highly value your feedback, both positive and negative. We hope you enjoy the experience of getting certified in ACLS entirely online.